Backlit Signs

Backlit signs or sign boxes are one of the most common forms of illuminated signs and often the most cost effective.

Although backlit signs come in many shapes and sizes they usually share a few common characteristics.

  • An acrylic face covered with a printed graphic is placed on a metal box.
  • Some form of lighting; either fluorescent or LED shines from behind the graphic so it can be seen at night.

Because they are so common, typical sizes are pre-fabricated which helps to keep the cost down. If you want a standard size like a 2' x 8' sign you'll find the cost us very budget friendly.

However, if you require a custom built sign the shape of your logo or a non-standard size, you should be prepared to pay a little more.

The advent of LED's has allowed a little more creativity in design. The "halo" design features acrylic letters with LED's placed behind them. These results in an elegant look not available in a traditional backlit sign.

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