Injection Molded Channel Letters

Injection Molded Channel LettersInjection Molded Channel Letters are the perfect way to cost- effectively illuminate your sign. These 5” deep letters blend in seamlessly with other fabricated channel letters. The only difference is, that these letters will not dent, corrode, or show adverse signs of weathering. In the event that a catastrophic event does happen to the face, the letter's lifetime guarantee allows you to replace the face without needing a measurement of the existing can as each letter is exactly like the first. The cans are made of Artek, a spaceage plastic that is impact resistant and passes all UL flamability requirements for illuminated signage for both high voltage and low voltage applications.

About these Letters:

Each Injection Molded Channel Letter is perfect due to the precision toolmaking of the molds used to make this product. While only 2 type styles are available, they can be ordered in nearly any combination of can and face colors. When combined with the EDGE-GLO face (Red Only), this letter is 100% injection molded and ready to ship within 2 days. For ordering, choose style, letter size, copy, can color, face color, trim color and specify with or without LEDs.

Helvetica Font

Times Bold Font

8 Standard Translucent Acrylic Face Colors

acrylic colors

28 Standard Trim Colors (custom colors also available)

Trim COlours

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